Revealing The Real Truth About Realistic Icons

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The first mention about realism took place in 1850 when it was spread over French art. It is really carried over the centuries and penetrated right into all kinds of art along with design. Speaking about realism in website design we can say that it’s represented here by Realistic web icons.

Short discourse on history of realistic icons.


Simple Icons Major Characteristics

Posted February 28, 2011 by larryghost
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Simple icons are among the principal features of minimalistic design. Moreover, simple icons and also other elements of design should be used moderately. One of the tips is minimizing icons use in general. Simple icons are supposed to be used where they’re unquestionably required and eliminated where it’s possible. Refrain the optional simple web icons.

Limited amount of color, reserved tones, clear elements, soft lighting are being used for simple web icons design. Simple web icons are developed out of elegant and simple elements which do not distract web page visitors from the main navigation and webpage idea.

Rules for simple icons design:

  • minimal usage of duplication
  • less amount of graphical elements
  • maximum intuitive clarity
  • clear typography in simple web icons
  • less icons

Some important tips for developing a minimalistic design with simple web icons

Don’t forget about lightweight background textures and patterns. They’re also essential for the design and content perception as well as simple icons. The eyes should focus on the web site content or some important blocks but not on the background pattern or image itself. Producing the background use a light simple shade. This makes it secondary compared with the foreground items like simple web icons.

Clear typography is another prominent feature of the lightweight and clear design. Pick simple icons names in accordance with their function and bear in mind such names ought to be precise, and meaningful. Headings placed on simple web icons need to be of readable font and large enough for easy reading. Clear hierarchy need to be followed as well.

Enough white or empty space is useful for creating a fantastic clean simple icons design. Extra spaces keep elements individual and for that reason more readable and simpler to work with. Some extra space between simple web icons will do your design no harm at all.

Usually the minimalistic trend isn’t entirely minimal. Nevertheless the dominance of white space there are still some simple icons, light textures, neat styles and bold fonts. Minimal isn’t exactly the same as simple. Initially minimal meant plain typographic excluding images and styling. But present day design requires something much more than black text on white background to make your website distinguish among thousands of other plain web-sites. Reducing elements of design to the most essential items you can add more zest to your web site layout with some uncommon coloring, catchy simple icons, half-transparent and light-weight textures and patterns.

Simple is often used like a synonym of smart. Simple icons look great and professional especially for a clean business style design.

Line Web Icons Design

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More often Line icons are the objects with the outlined contours. They’re called contour drawings. There’re items without some strict outlines which can be rather some hint than actual contour of line icons. They are often known as gesture drawings. Skilled artists often use such type of drawings because they’re able to repeat the outlines of the object right after seeing it.

Another technique is adding some halftones as well as shades to the object by using short lines and crosshatching. Their frequency and pencil pressure can be different. And this variety impart more three-dimensional look to the object. So this method is definitely helping in designing of amazing Line web icons, logos and buttons.Furthermore lets get info regarding open lines. It’s such sort of the lines where the dots not combining the singular elements. It may look really striking when being applied to line icons design. The lines can as well be parallel, gesture-like, contour etc. The curves that are essential for creating complex line shapes are called Bezier curves in computer graphics. These curves are real helpers in creation of the vector shapes such as line icons, unusual buttons etc. Computer technologies make it possible to reproduce the identical designs or build new shapes based on some older ones without extra efforts and time. Another advantage is that it is possible to go back to the previous adjustments with a help of the history panel. As a result you don’t have to design Line icons from scratch in case you have made some faults.

Vintage Icons Style Makes Web Page Visitors Smile

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Retro gradually gains its right place in the modern web design industry. No doubt the best representatives of classic beauty and noble taste are Vintage icons. Modern day website style acquires some vintage twist. Retro and Vintage are becoming the widespread trends in the modern digital art. Vintage web icons, textures, patterns as well as clip-art bring mystery to your internet page design. They make you dive into the atmosphere of the old happy times, when everything seemed to be so simple, innocent and noble. People usually associate childhood or youth with happy times. Hence vintage style revives for this reason psychological peculiarity of the human nature.

Learn all about retro style in the present day website design industry

In today’s art retro becomes some conscious norm. Having emerged in the post-modern art, it penetrates into the present day web design in the form of vintage icons, old-styled backgrounds, aged photography etc.

The new retro style quite often incorporates the Web 2.0 look with a vintage twist. It needs good recipe of combining present day clean blocks and the outdated, aged design elements like Vintage icons, styles and color palettes.

Line Icons

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Lines are more frequently used for outlining the contours of objects and emphasizing edges. If located and developed reasonably, line icons can be the great decoration of any minimalistic or clear web site design.

Line Icons – what do you know about them?

What is actually a line? It’s a form containing both width and length but eliminating depth.The line is not only straight but more often curved. The lines can render some appropriate mood or feeling of a movement. Staying static shapes, Line icons can create a sort of illusion of the dynamic objects. The mood is usually being conditioned by the lines direction. As an example horizontal lines in Line web icons bring the feeling of calmness, harmony and stability. Speaking about the vertical lines – they strive for the light movement. The diagonal lines reveal energy along with stronger dynamic feeling. If you would like create refine and modern line icons designs you should use combination of straight lines and curves.

Line art – Line Icons

Certainly the first type of line art that familiar to a great amount of artists is curve stitching. It’s carried out with threads of various colours and also needle. Initially the canvas was a card board. String Art is another name for this particular movement. It’s founder was a Mary Boole. He created it as the accessory material for kids to help them study geometry of angles and spaces. Line art lived also in the form of illustrations for print sources before the photography was invented. At that time line art included only black and white colors. Some shades of gray were also acceptable and imitated.Appealing to both technical and creative sides of human nature, line art includes geometry and art. Designing Line web icons may develop special imagination and creativity along with calculation skills.Line art has an ability to be printed to the halftone picture without extra conversion. Thus it’s different from photography or multi-color painting. This type of art is named line drawing and line copy as well.

2d Icons And Models Information And Facts

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2D icons along with other objects are famous for their flexibility. This flexibility is reached by rendering them at various resolutions ideal for various output devices.

2D Icons items:

  • raster pictures (digital graphics);
  • styled text as a typeset for 2D Icons;
  • vector models (geometric graphics).

The above-mentioned items can be managed by 2D transformations for example rotation, scaling or angular position and many others. Meshing simple models you will get more advanced ones.

2D web icons aren’t like the real three-dimensional objects but due to the layers technique they can create the illusion of all 3D characteristics like shadow, reflection or highlighting. The layers should keep the definite hierarchy and order carefully. This makes editing 2D icons and similar objects simpler.

2.5D Icons as the pseudo 3D kind of 2D Icons

The layered 2Dicons also are known as 2.5D models. This technology provides web site designers ability to work with any layer without the need of touching the others. This type of 2D object creation is preferred by the most of the prominent graphics editors.

2.5D is a synonym to pseudo 3D and is interpreted as “two-and-a-half-dimensional” graphics. Models created with 2.5D technology look like tridimensional while in fact they aren’t.

This technology used for designing 2D icons is often attained by the special lighting effect. 3D illusion is achieved due to the virtual source of light to the left or to the right side and above the users monitor.

Simple Icons And Internet Site Design

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Simple web icons are designed to unite minimalism along with modern trend. Light-weight Simple web icons are supposed to be designed to increase web page user interaction.

Minimalism in web design

Lets discover what minimalistic website design means. Definitely the first features are simplicity and light-weight elements. Simple icons involve all of this. It reduces complex wordings, figures, textures and patterns. Less even implies more in some areas and to some extent. Web site design is just that area.

Minimalistic design is rather an unexpected trend nowadays. High present day technologies often lead to the loss of simplicity. Today the modern trend is to combine minimalistic website design with CSS3 and HTML5. Simple doesn’t mean primitive. Internet site that uses simple design often has off-color effects and also actively use CSS and Ajax.

The most important features of the present day simple internet site design:

  • grid based design;
  • simple icons;
  • light shading and reserved color transition;
  • light texture of patterns and backgrounds (often transparent like);
  • more empty or white space;
  • simple shapes and figures, clear lines;
  • less amount of various bright colors;
  • readable and clear typography;